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Are you overwhelmed and in over your head?

Struggling with trying to manage it all?

Do you need a team to delegate so you can focus?

Let me show you how to save time and money for profitable results.

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What Our Previous Clients Have to Say About Our Strategy Sessions

My experience with Souligna is always positive, productive, and professional. She is a super sweet gal who has your best interests at heart. She is easy to talk to yet matter-of-fact when she needs to be. After our face-to-face or telephone sessions, she ends the conversation with a challenge – a to-do task. I love it!

A.C., Business Development, Clean Energy Renewables, LLC

I hired Souligna Stone of Stone Media Source to position myself as an expert professional speaker and help me jumpstart my speaking career. Souligna was very personable and spent time getting to know me in order to perfect my brand image. She was very professional, creative and responsive to my inquiries and made sure I was 110% satisfied with every detail. After consulting with Souligna, I was one of the featured speakers at the 2018 Progression Conference in Los Angeles! Thanks so much, Souligna for helping me take my speaking career to the next level!

A.H., Anne Heisenger Leadership Essentials, BSN, MSN, CRRN, PHN

I recently met with Souligna at Stone Media Source to discuss some marketing for my mortgage business. I highly recommend her for any small business to craft your signature presentation that will relay professionalism and create opportunities for new business. Her ideas were fantastic and manageable to act on immediately.

S. L.-C., Assistant Vice President & Mortgage Coordinator

Souligna takes her concept of understanding your business, creates a vision for what you’ll need…all the while coaching you to become successful in your marketing endeavors!

N.T., Your Journey Fitness Coach


The Power of a Brand Identity

Learn how not having a clear brand message is hurting your business, your team and your bottom line.

Your Blueprint: Where To Start

Learn where to start. Whether you’re new to your role or more experienced, everyday challenges can cloud your vision and make it impossible to be productive, profitable, and to gain control of your business.

The Power of an Avatar

Learn how to attract your ideal client/talent and stop wasting time and money on the wrong audience. Understanding your perfect avatar is critical for every business purpose and decision.

Why You're Not Getting Engagement

We’ll pinpoint gaps in your branding of your HR/Marketing processes that are costing you valuable traffic, conversions, and profit. Identify the process and automate your system for consistent results.

When to Accept Help from a Specialist

Evaluate your organization against the Top Mistakes you’re making that is costing you valuable time and resources. Do what you WANT to do and let the consultant guide you.

How to Reclaim Your Time

We’ll identify at least 3 actionable suggestions that you can implement tomorrow to reclaim your time and freedom so you can focus on the key aspects of growing your business. 

The Most Successful Companies Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes

Are you overwhelmed and in over your head?
Struggling with trying to manage it all?
Do you need a team to delegate so you can focus?
Here are the Top 7 Mistakes That Overwhelmed/Struggling Business Owners commonly tell us about.

Lack a transparent, visible and trackable STRATEGIC Business Development Plan AND Marketing Development Plan.

Do you find yourself in reactive business practice/mode? Are you just “winging it” as things come up? Do you have a clear vision/path to set intentions every day with your team/staff? Are you clear in your daily, weekly, and quarterly goals? Do your plans align in the same direction with the rest of your team?

Lack of Standard Operating Procedures and Training Programs.

  • You are the only one who knows what you know/can do what you do. The business only runs with you running it. What is your contingency plan? Are your processes, policies, and procedures transparent and visible to your next in command? Do you have a next in command? Is your team prepared to resume business in your extended absence/demise?

Not having effective Marketing + Branding processes and systems to create the results you want.

Consistently driving online traffic to attract and convert the ideal client for massive profit and sustain the lifecycle of that client.

Not effectively creating an irresistible offer or having a dominating brand message to take over your market.

Not leveraging your brand power to be seen as the EXPERT in your industry over your competition.

    Not having a devoted Marketing + Business Development team.

    Learn to build strategic content, brand identity, brand awareness, effective brand messaging, and implementing digital automation. Consistently maintain an online presence; consistently update/improve SEO and traffic to the website and social media; proper management of Marketing to avoid costly spending in ads/promotions that don’t bring ROI.

    You don’t have TIME.

    Without proper process, systems, placement, management, training, development, brand identity/message, you’re at risk to lose thousands/millions in profit and productivity. Automate your processes and systems and reclaim your freedom of working ON your business instead of being in it.

    Not having enough time, money and resources

    Lack of resources or effective know how – to strategically attract/recruit, interview, onboard and develop your top talent.

    Is Stone Media Source Right For Me?


    Do you want a clear brand identity that positions you to attract and retain the best talent?

    Do you want a clear vision/path to set intentions every day with your team/staff?
    Do you want your processes, policies and procedures transparent and visible to your next in command?
    Do you want to stop struggling to make it through the day without something important falling through the cracks?
    Are you looking for a way to streamline your recruiting process, reduce costs and still get the best team members?

    If so, then Stone Media Source is a PERFECT fit for you and we can’t wait to meet you!