Are You Struggling to explain what you do and how you can ATTRACT HIGHER PAYING customers?

5 Week Branding Masterclass

Learn to match your message to your market in ways that builds value and trust to deliver on your brand promise with style and impact. 

For the next 5 Weeks

Strategic Agenda

Week 1 | Develop Your Brand Identity: Your Market To Message Match

  • Understanding Color Psychology, Logo Design, Font Type(s), Style + Theme
  • Create a consistent Brand Identity + Brand Process
  • Identify Your Brand Message

Week 2 | Content Creation: Deliver Value. Build Trust

  • Get the Best Resources for FREE (images, graphic design, stock photos AND MORE!)
  • Produce content (learn the formula of conversation + engagement).

Week 3 | Know Your Numbers: Understand Your Audience

  • Master SM Analytics + Insights
  • Which SM platform is right for you? The Do’s + Dont’s
  • Create a Strategic Social Media Plan to Master Time/Content/Brand Management.
    Effective SM campaigns
  • Create Content for the most effective RESULTS = FREE LEADS*

Week 4 | Strategic Marketing + Branding: Understanding Brand Process

  • TOP Marketing strategies to Implement NOW + attract your ideal clients
  • Develop marketing attraction campaigns (Free Opt-In Offers, consistent Brand
    Campaigns, Email Campaign sequences + nurture client mailing list)
  • Create an Expert Profile
  • Effective campaigns + content for the most effective RESULTS = (FREE) Leads!!!

Week 5 | Brand Your Business: Deliver Your Brand Promise

  • 31-Day Marketing DIY action plan
  • Position as Authority Expert
  • Lead Conversion Process
  • Creating Multiple Streams of Impact + Income


“Having Souligna present to our small business clients was a great value add. She presented on how to use social media strategy to build your brand and the attendees found it valuable and applicable to their businesses. Some feedback from the event included this positive remark from one attendee: “I really enjoyed the session. Souligna explained the concepts of social media in ways that were easy to understand and implement.””

- Marice Hague, MPA, APR, Marketing Director, Florida SBDC at the University of North Florida

“Once I laid the groundwork for my business with all the pieces in place. Stone Media Source was my next step of my strategic development. She helped me drill down to a concise way to present myself to the community and helped me determine how people will find me. Taking her 5-week Masterclass and learning how to effectively Brand My Own Business, she gave me more clarity and how to position my message to my audience. Souligna is a marketing and branding wizard! She can do the same for you. Ms. Stone will lay a plan to get you to the place where people not only know you, but they want to do business with you. If you are in the marketing and/or branding stage of business development, she’s the person to help you.”

- Dr. Pamela Russell, Founder of Dr. Pam LLC, Licensed Counselor and Therapist

“I want to thank Ms. Stone for her wonderful Brand Your Own Business 5-Week Masterclass. Souligna is a very gifted, talented, informational person who is fun and has great money-making ideas on how to sell yourself and your service.  I learned so much in the time we attended her classes and would recommend her for anyone who needs assistance with getting your business in motion! Thank you Souligna Stone – you are a diamond in the rough.”

- Stephanie Harden, dba Elizabeth S. Harden, Author, Founder of Loving Arms LLC

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Implementing strategic corporate branding online attracts, informs and impresses the right talent.  Learn how to position your company so that the digital workforce will see your company as the best in leading Industry Standard.